Mission & Quality


It is AMERIKAM’s policy to be the preferred supplier by providing our customers the highest-quality precision machined components and assemblies. To accomplish this, we will:

  • Consistently meet our customers’ expectations for product quality and performance;
  • Seek the full potential of our employees to review and continuously improve our processes.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our goal at AMERIKAM is to optimize our efforts to meet the customers’ desires and therefore become the preferred supplier for our customers. We will provide sustained, consistently and predictably high-quality, ready-to-use parts and products delivered on time. By offering engineering assistance at the time of product development, we believe our efforts will ensure that our partnership with the customer will be successful.  We will seek open communication and collaboration with our customers and suppliers.

Our employee community at AMERIKAM is our most important asset. We will ensure that each member has available to them the means to affect their work area and the overall manufacturing productivity. We will recognize their contributions and put forth the effort to attend to their personal needs. We will try to make their work enjoyable. 

We, as a community, through our employee-focused giving program, will contribute a portion of profits before tax to charitable, cultural, educational, and community organizations that support a strong and free America and reflect the social concerns of our employees.

A History of Trust

How do you develop trust in a person, a product, a company?

More than 85 years ago, when Amerikam opened its doors as a small machine shop, precision had a meaning worlds apart from today. Our craft has become a science, increasingly automated; delicate processes are designed and tested virtually, and lasers measure exacting tolerances to ensure consistency of each and every part produced. Throughout our history, we've been at the forefront of every leading technology in our industry, and it empowers us to machine with unprecedented accuracy. 

From its early start during The Great Depression, Amerikam leaders have recognized the significance of trust. Our customers tell us our business relationship makes their lives so much easier. They count on us. 

It's as simple as doing what we say we will do, every time, with integrity and commitment to the customer. 

At Amerikam, we establish trust by giving you the best collaborative experience and providing you with service and products that reflect our skill and passion.  With our commitment to your success, together we will build a lasting partnership.