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Looking Ahead: Amerikam Featured in This Year's MiBiz Crystal Ball Edition
Posted on March 15, 2013

Stephanie Leonardos has made connecting with higher education a key tenet of her leadership at Amerikam, a manufacturer of flow control components.  The company is heavily involved with Ferris State University and programs including Talent 2025, which she says "will have a strong economic impact resulting in well-trained and educated individuals."


"As the uncertainty continues in the marketplace, customers see us as an extension of their operation in developing solutions.  These service demands increase when customers are seeking collaborative sourcing relationships that expand their capabilities while continuing their efforts to reduce risk.  Amerikam is positioned in 2013 to offer the flexibility of engineering and manufacturing services in the marketplace.  We continue to increase our technical capabilities in manufacturing and research and development to support our customers and open new markets.  This will include the utilization of custom developed processses and products that add value to our partners in the plumbing, defense, and medical industries.  In 2013, our initiatives will also continue to acknowledge and celebrate our diversified workforce that strengthens our position in a global marketplace, as well as our initiative of outreach to military veterans."