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Amerikam/Ferris State University Engineering Project 2017
Posted on September 13, 2017


Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s Amerikam Bruce Gregory Scholarship, Andrew and Karley!

2017 marks 45 years of collaboration in education between Amerikam and Ferris State University.

The Amerikam-Ferris Project tests students’ knowledge by assigning each team an Amerikam product. Teams analyze ways to manufacture the product, from design and tooling to equipment. Students then develop costs and sale prices for products. After weeks of hard work, each team presents their solutions to Amerikam managers and engineers and Ferris faculty. During the visit to Amerikam, at the conclusion of the presentations, managers and engineers lead students on a tour of the manufacturing facilities, lending insight into Amerikam’s production processes. Students also have opportunities to speak with representatives from the company’s purchasing, human resources, and quality assurance departments.

Ferris State UniversityEngineering Technology Professor, Mark Dunneback, stated “On behalf of the students, faculty and the entire Manufacturing department at Ferris State University, please extend our sincerest thanks to your entire team for allowing the FSU-MFGE 324 class to present their Amerikam projects to your team. The real world experience students capture in one day at your facility surpasses weeks of case studies and simulations in the classroom.  We can demonstrate many manufacturing concepts and practices in the classroom and labs at Ferris.  We cannot impart the personal values of pride in workmanship, dedication and passion as exemplified so strongly by your Amerikam Team.”

“Witnessing the culture instilled in your Operations and Support Staff provides students a model for their future interactions with peers in industry, at a time when many will enter their internships and begin to create their path in life.  Your team’s collective action defines exceptional performance.”