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Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) convenes at AMERIKAM
Posted on May 19, 2014

Amerikam/Ferris State University Project highlighted at May SME Meeting, Grand Rapids, MI

SME met at Amerikam to learn the following:

  • Learn more about its critical thinking process.
  • Learn how Amerikam is working with Ferris State University to develop these skills in their engineering students.
  • Learn about some ‘Best Practices” used at Amerikam and how they are utilized within the manufacturing process.

The 42-year relationship between AMERIKAM and Ferris State University of Big Rapids, Michigan, has become a model for collaborative programs between educational institutions and the industry.  Students design processes, tooling and equipment, and present their work to AMERIKAM engineers for a setup and production run.

  • Students develop processes to manufacture an Amerikam product in the classroom
  • Teams visit  Amerikam to present results including QC documentation and FMEA
  • Students tour the plant facility to learn how the parts are produced

“The AMERIKAM / FSU project gives students a glimpse into the precision machining industry and ultimately leads to a stronger, job-ready workforce.  “We believe it is essential to do our part in that effort.”  The high value the company places on education is evident."

Stephanie Leonardos

The Manufacturing programs at Ferris State University include up-to-date curricula, world-class CAD-CAM technology, some of the latest CNC technology, and a diverse group of experienced faculty and staff. This unique education system has produced more than 1,500 manufacturing professionals over the past 58 years.

“By combining these university resources with a network of progressive, industry leading partners such as Amerikam, the end result is a comprehensive, applications-based education system.”

Dean Krager 
Associate Professor, Ferris State University