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Amerikam/Ferris State University Engineering Project - April 30, 2014
Posted on April 07, 2014

Amerikam continues its longstanding tradition of partnership with Ferris State University this month. Since 1972, Amerikam has committed time, effort, and funding to prepare students entering the manufacturing industry. 

This month’s Amerikam-Ferris Project tests students’ knowledge by assigning each team an Amerikam product. Teams analyze ways to manufacture the product, from design and tooling to equipment. Students then develop costs and sale prices for products. After weeks of hard work, each team presents their solutions to Amerikam managers and engineers and Ferris faculty. During the visit to Amerikam, at the conclusion of the presentations, managers and engineers lead students on a tour of the manufacturing facilities, lending insight into Amerikam’s production processes. Students also have opportunities to speak with representatives from the company’s purchasing, human resources, and quality assurance departments. 

Manuel Vazquez, a current Amerikam employee, participated in the Amerikam-Ferris project as a student at Ferris State. “The Amerikam project was a great learning experience,” he says. “We took everything we had learned up to that point and applied it to the real world; everything from quoting, processing, researching machines and tooling, and applying quality strategies. Then you have the opportunity to come to Amerikam and see how close or far off your group project was from a successful company.”